Friday, October 16, 2015

Krafty kids

Miss P #7 loves doing crafts. Here's a Memo Owl she made for me (behind his beak is a clothespin so he can hold notes). So cute. It's hanging by my front door. 

She has also become interested in baking. She had never tasted (or even seen) scones: I haven't made them in forever. "Hot scones" made several appearances at High Tea in a book we've been reading, so she wanted to make some. This was her first effort. Just lovely, and very tasty--the fresh orange rind makes them fabulous. ("Orange Scones" from Company's Coming: Muffins and More. Next time we make these, I'm adding dried cranberries.)

I love this wild tablecloth: 
it reminds me of the vibrant Slovakian textiles in my Grandma's house.

Purchased at Think Kitchen (formerly Stokes)

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  1. Love scones. Chocolate chips are a popular addition here.