Tuesday, December 1, 2015

If you can get beyond that whole 'Drinking Baby Poop' thing...

Use the same approach as tighrope walking: don't look down. 

Make a change for better health and drink more green smoothies! Granted, I did put in too much spinach this time, but it was in danger of spoiling and I didn't want to waste it. I also put in some homemade Mongolian Cherry juice for colour (and antioxidants) but it just couldn't overtake the spinach. It did taste much better than it looked.

After falling off the Healthy Lifestyle wagon repeatedly over the last few weeks months decade, I'm Starting Over (again). So today it's "Day 1" (for the 20th time) of my John the Baptist Diet. Yeah, it's kind of insanely optimistic to start a new health-program in Advent, but if I don't, I literally won't have anything to wear to church at Christmas, except my bathrobe. 

I'm also trying to get more exercise (that shouldn't be too difficult, since when you're doing "zero" there's nowhere to go but up), and if I post about it here, it should keep me somewhat accountable. Today I did about 20 minutes of cardio on my rebounder. 

Stay posted for further elaboration. 


Mine is cheap and doesn't fold. I think I'd like to get a better one someday.



  1. Well, a J the B diet is very appropriate this time of year. Although in your climate and mine, the locusts might be a bit hard to come by.

    1. The JB Diet would be like a voice crying in the wilderness. I've never seen a locust in the wild, but on the farm where I grew up, there were some pretty dang big grasshoppers. They probably dehydrate nicely; I wonder if you can grind them into powder. KIDDING.