Sunday, September 5, 2010

And more traffic

Next month's headline: "Child run over as motorist  distracted by hologram in middle of street."
"I swear, officer, it was Princess Leia - and I was her only hope!"

"...[P]arents are often the worst offenders, speeding, pulling u-turns and talking on cellphones...."

I don't see the point of this. Do adults really need to be tricked into obeying traffic laws? Why would jackasses pay any more attention to an optical illusion than they would to the live children they already know are really there? Maybe a 3-D image showing them what  jerks they are would be more helpful.

1 comment:

  1. Here is the money quotation:

    “It’s been an ongoing challenge for traffic-safety engineers to try and get vehicles to slow,” said Brent Dozzi, manager of roads and transportation.

    Ahem: no one OUTSIDE the car (traffic safety engineer or not) can "get" it to slow down. Only the walnut-brained wookiee behind the wheel.