Thursday, September 30, 2010

This kind of foolishness is a disgrace to our country, to say the least.

"House censures Maclean's over Quebec article"

Like certain Muslim leaders who are more outraged over cartoons than over the deaths of human beings, these politicians seem more upset by a critical article than they are about the actual corruption in Quebec. Are they always this protective?  I don't recall any parliamentary motions being passed to express "profound sadness" over criticism of Alberta's oil sands.

ONE MP objected to this and then left the chamber. Was he really the only one to realize that it's not the government's job to throw hissy fits over magazine articles?

Looking on the bright side, this does represent a slight improvement in government policy. If the MPs just want to get into their marabou-trimmed dressing gowns, open a box of truffles and have a bloody good cry over this Maclean's article, I guess that's better than what government bodies did to Steyn and Levant.

Now that our MPs have divined their real purpose in life, I eagerly await their opinion on other press(ing) matters:

"This House expresses total bum-outification over People's 'Top 100 Celebrity Breakups of 2010'...."
"This House reports rampant titillation in response to Cosmo's '25 Naughtiest First Date Stories'..."
"This House encourages Good Housekeeping to reprint 'Canada's Favorite Low-Fat Muffin Recipes'..."

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  1. Mrs. B, surely you must know that when it comes to Quebec, "Hissy Fit" is government policy.