Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You just can't win with this guy.

Follow the Canada Food Guide, and you'll get fat!

Touch a McDonald's coupon, and you'll get fat! (This is what prompted the column to which I linked previously.)

If only human beings could control the type and amount of food that went into their mouths, or have a say in what restaurants they go to and how often, instead of being slaves to the government pamphlets and corporate coupons which are thrust upon them. I hope someone finds a solution to this someday. The government should start working on that.


  1. Money quotation:
    "They get targeted everywhere else. You’d think the school would be a safe haven. Clearly, in this case, it’s not.”
    Degrading sex ed programs, anyone?
    Show my 5-year-old how to put a condom on a banana by all means, but for the love of all that's Special, DON'T give her a Happy Meal coupon!

  2. Oh, and by the way, just how does one become an "obesity expert"?