Saturday, September 4, 2010


I know this will be difficult, but  please remain calm...especially if you don't have the $250 it will cost to hear him. Say, kids - you didn't really need groceries for those last couple of weeks of October, did you?  You can make up those calories with your Halloween candy.

Can't you just see us there, Mrs. P.? It would eclipse even the time we got free tinfoil after that Alcan opera night!

And another thing...Ezra Levant will be there, too, so that means you're paying $125 for Mark and $125 for Ezra. Think of all the great stuff they've written! Think of how you're supporting free speech in Canada! Think of how transfixed you were hearing Mark Steyn talk about pie for an hour on his 2009 Christmas podcast, and know that it will be even more edifying to hear him talk about something meatier!


  1. Please let there be a seat sale near the end of October! I would even fly the hated Air Canada. Oh, if only Steyn would host a 24-hour online fundraiser for the DOH to attend this event...if each of our readers donated $10, we would only have to raise $450 by ourselves!

  2. What's more, if this doesn't inspire us to lose enough weight to fit into our "Viva Steyn" T-shirts, nothing will.
    I'm ordering my copy of Jillian Michael's "30-Day Shred" workout video TODAY.

  3. I'm joking, of course, Mrs. B...about the fundraiser, not about losing weight. It's now or never.