Thursday, November 4, 2010

Because there aren't enough real problems in the world...

...let's wring our hands about the Minifigure gender ratios in Lego sets.

Except for when they are recreating Stargate SG 1 episodes in the medium of Lego and need a Captain Carter, my kids don't seem to care what sex their Lego guys - oops, persons, are. In fact, they have been known to add injury to the insult of under-representation by using a female figure's long hair and flowered shirt to create yet another male role model: Dippy the Hippy.

I'll bet he's still living in his parents' storage tub.

h/t Sobering Thoughts


  1. I hope he's doing a PhD in Gender Studies at Lego U.

  2. I think he is the gender study.