Friday, November 5, 2010

In case you were wondering just how meaningless the word 'racist' has become...'s now being applied to inanimate objects.
...some blogs...claimed Kinect is unable to detect dark skin tones. Consumer Reports, however, said its tests show there is no substance to such claims.
Luckily, Consumer Reports is there to defend the Xbox Kinect from this damaging accusation. You can't undergo testing to determine if you are racist (yet), but here are a few simple pointers.

If you admit that you are able "to detect darker skin tones", not to mention cultural and religious differences, you are probably racist. Unless of course you have been instructed to hire employees or admit students based on their color rather than on their merits, abilities or character - then skin tone is of crucial importance. Also, if you disagree with someone whose skin tone is not the same as yours, you qualify as racist...unless your skin tone is darker than theirs - then I guess they would have to be the racist in that situation...unless you vote Republican, because then that would cancel out your skin tone.  Your racism can even be divined by the greeting cards you purchase, which brings us nicely back to our first topic of racist inanimate objects. See? it all makes perfect sense.

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