Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Radio Rob

This Rob Ford interview with As It Happens is a hoot. It seems that Mr. Ford gives as much respect to the media as he (and his supporters) got from various media outlets during Toronto's mayoral race.

Shocking, isn't it? We are used to well-mannered politicians who only say nice things: they  helpfully remind us that we're apt to spend all our money on beer and popcorn, or inform us that we vote for the "wrong" candidates because we're stupid, angry or afraid. They constantly point out that we don't know what we really need or want because our tendency to cling to guns and religion makes it impossible for us to think straight. The mainstream media seems to agree that all these things are perfectly true of the great unwashed. That must be why it's so satisfying - not to mention entertaining - to witness a politician effectively flipping the bird to the CBC instead of insulting the electorate.

1 comment:

  1. ha ha. The CBC is so pathetic. They were dumbfounded that he didn't put his life on hold for their interview.