Tuesday, November 2, 2010

UPDATED :The Hippy-Dippy Interpretive Dance Fundraiser for Darfur

You'll understand the title when CTS posts Mark Steyn's appearance on The Michael Coren Show. It doesn't seem to be on YouTube yet, either, but do watch for it. Mr. Steyn is well worth listening to, as usual...good thing, because my antenna doesn't pick up CTS very well so I couldn't see much of a picture.

Toward the end of the interview Mr. Steyn talked about  the decadence of our secular culture and how it offers immigrants little incentive to assimilate. He also spoke briefly about some prominent atheists' warped view of the contribution which Christianity has made to our civilization. It's too bad his time ended shortly thereafter because I'm sure those topics would have made for another couple of hours of interesting discussion.

The video is now on YouTube. Here's part 1 of 4.

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