Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Corporations rule the world

We may not like it, but it's true, and not likely to change any time soon. Boycott campaigns don't tend to work, cuz, like pretty much all the products you buy in any given category (soap, jeans, hot chocolate powder, alternative music) are ultimately manufactured by the same corporation anyway. As the cow said in Babe, "The way things are is the way things are." And the only way you can avoid it is to quit shopping. Entirely. Forever. And get some land and raise your own potatoes and chickens, and never leave.

I'm tired of celebs, politicians (even the POTUS!), and now (incredibly) corporate-owned CEOs droning on in support of the OWS protestors. Steyn:

 Indeed, the default political position of your average CEO — "socially liberal, fiscally conservative" — was pioneered by a generation of Brit rockers raising awareness for fashionable causes while sheltering their royalties beyond the reach of Her Majesty's Treasury.
So today we have maverick corporations expressing solidarity with the oppressed . . . well, I was going to say "workers" but that doesn't seem quite the word for "Occupy Wall Street," does it? Non-workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your six-figure college debt!
 Rockers pretend to be revolutionaries, then tenured professors do, and then CEOs of multinational subsidiaries for whom solidarity with deadbeats they'd never dream of hiring offers an electric tingle that the Rotary Club lunch can't match.

Check your hypocrisy at the door, Ben and Jerry. 

Corporations rule the world. Getting all upset about it won't really help. Demanding that the gubmint "do something" about it won't help, because, practically speaking, the gubmint is wholly owned and operated by corporations. And lastly, defecating on Wall Street won't help. Go home, people. Do something useful. 

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