Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It is a noise which to cleave the head

One of the many reasons DOH kind of worships the ground upon which Mark Shea treads... 

He introduced us to this, "English as She is Spoke", an 1855 Portuguese-English phrasebook composed by one Pedro Carolino, who did not, of English, one word speak. 

The following gems come from the page titled "Familiar Phrases".

I am catched cold.
I not make what to coughand spit.
(which explains how I've felt for the last two weeks)

Do not might one's understand to speak.
You mistake you self heavily.
(which perhaps describes DOH on any given day)

This one is eerily prescient of modern education: 
Apply you at the study during that you are young.

And oh, there's so much more. Enjoy. And thanks, Shea! Now I'll have even less time to get my housework done. 

Take that boy and whip him to much!


  1. It reminds me of the Google translator.

  2. Or maybe I should have said, It there puts to me to bring mind again of Google translator.

  3. LOL. That's very good!
    As painful as English grammar is to study, I keep telling my children to be thankful they were raised in this language, and did not have to learn it as adults.