Monday, November 14, 2011

"I don’t now I thinke gust do what you want."

One of the many comments from public school kids replying to the query: "Would you like to be home-schooled?" It's an NY Times piece, further discussed by Pundette. Amusing, yet profoundly sad.
i think that homeschooling is ok but public schools are better because its almost like life you are going to have to deal with people that you dont like in life and school shows this at times.i dont think this could preper us for the real world because your not comunicatingi with people as much as you would at school.for most people it is a good learning activity


  1. What the...?! I have no words. Well, maybe I do have a few:
    "I also think I wouldn’t be able to stand my mom for the six hours."
    Darn right! Mom is not your friend. You don't have to like her, just as she can't stand you a whole lot of the time. She still loves you enough to provide you with a quality education, though, you ungrateful brat.
    "Frusterated," and all the others. Spell check, people, even for a silly comment on a New York Times piece.
    "Loose." After spell check, you still have to re-read for usage errors. Do you really mean, "loose," as in, "You have a loose screw in your brain somewhere," or do you actually mean, "lose," as in, "These comments make me want to lose my lunch?"

  2. i gust dont now weather too luagh or cry.

    What hope for Western Civ. (nay, the planet) when illiteracy is so widespread? Canada is no different when it comes to the gubmint investing untold millions in an education system that continues to churn out kids who can't spell or cipher.

    BTW thanks, ladies, for dropping by and posting. Totally made my day. Life has been rough for a few weeks.