Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just in case my daughters ever visit the blog

THIS is what I want when my current mixer (lovingly dubbed "The Kitchen Chump 2000" by Mrs. Beazly) goes to its eternal reward--or for a certain milestone birthday, whichever comes first.

Isn't it just the loveliest, most shiniest piece of kitchen art you've ever seen?

Oh, and I also want the pasta attachment. MMmmmmmm.... fresh, soft, whole wheat pasta...


  1. Oooh very nice. I'm just imagining the Cinnamon buns you could whip up in that little beauty.

    I think kitchen-mixer fascination is the domain of homeschooling mothers of many. At a recent homeschool gathering a friend mentioned she'd nabbed an industrial kitchen mixer off ebay last month for $70 (they retail in the $$$$'s). Apparently it's the size of her washing machine but she can make enough dough for a dozen loaves of spelt bread at one time. The last time I recall such enthusiasm in the group (littered with "oooh's" "aaaah's" & "wow's)" was when we were discussing a custom fitted-out people mover.

  2. In a 7 quart bowl? We're talking at least 5 dozen! What is it with homeschooling and homemade bread anyway? Once we've spent $75 on a math text, maybe we just can't afford to spend $5 on a loaf of multigrain when we're feeding 7 kids.