Thursday, November 10, 2011

Every so often

You have one of those "I'm glad I'm homeschooling" moments. It makes all the other more, ahem--challenging-- times worthwhile. The other day the Misses Pinkerton were playing Scattergories. The letter was "H" and one of the categories was "authors". My 9-year-old wrote down Hilaire Belloc. It warms the cockles of a mum's heart.


  1. I had one of those 'Reasons to Homeschool" moments recently too, though it had nothing to do with my homeschooled children. Supervising fifteen 8 year-olds before just they hit the stage for their ballet concert, I was sassed (with eyeball rolling to boot) by more than one of them. Charming.

  2. They had to cut out etiquette class in public school to make way in the schedule for "How to Put a Condom on a Banana".