Thursday, September 12, 2013

Barack Obama is Mr. Collins with nukes and drones

There is a reason for studying great literature. It gives us insight into human nature, with the hope that we will learn something, especially about ourselves, and thus attempt to remedy our defects. I'm willing to wager that President Obama has never studied (or even read) Pride and Prejudice. 

Man enough to admit he is not perfect; fuller self-awareness (and repentance) achieved by plot denouement

Eariler in the novel...

Mr. Darcy: "I have faults enough, but they are not, I hope, of understanding."

Rough translation: I want to appear just muscular enough not to be mocked.

Americans who support Obama have truly gone down the rabbit hole: they are willing to start a world conflagration so that their self-delusional leader won't look like a fool. Hint: that ship has sailed. 

Americans don't agree with my policies because they are too stupid to understand them. Do they not realize that I have much to recommend me, and that  it is by no means certain that another offer of such a president may ever be made to them? I must therefore conclude that they are not serious in their rejection of me and my war-mongering; I shall chuse to attribute it to their wish of increasing my love by suspense, according to the usual practice of inelegantly obtuse subjects and serfs. 

Jane Austen would have known how to deal with Obama: "Nothing so easy...laugh at him."

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