Monday, September 30, 2013

God is gracious

In a million different little ways. For at least the last 18 months, I have been trying to get to the nearest IKEA store (in Edmonton) to check out some kitchen cabinets and other stuff related to our ongoing reno. I would prefer to order my cabinets during one of their "Kitchen Events" because they give back a percentage (10% minimum) in gift cards. When you are spending in the thousands, that's hundreds of dollars worth of basically free stuff.

However, life has just been too busy for us to get away, even for a weekend (how does that happen?). Fate must step in and lend a hand. I had a not-great result on a medical test two weeks ago, and lo, I'm being sent for more testing this Thursday and Friday... in Edmonton.

Then I get an email this morning from IKEA: the next Kitchen Event starts today.

It's not likely that my reno will be completed by Christmas, but if my cabinets are ordered, that's a big step in that direction. And that should do my heart some good.

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