Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pet peeve of a homeschool mom

I am by no means an expert on grammar (or anything, except perhaps laziness and procrastination) but it makes me crazy when I find mistakes in homeschooling teachers' manuals or texts and workbooks. And not just typos, but grammatical errors or incorrect answers. Such as:

Q. What is the past tense of smite?
A. Smited

No, I am sorry, it is not. The correct answer is smote. "He smote his enemy on the mountain." And so forth.

I quit using the Learning Language Arts Through Literature series because the books were literally riddled with stuff like that.

I recently ordered a Kumon writing workbook for my grade 6 student, and in the first lesson on the second page, I found this sentence:

"The dog entered its new home and laid down."


lie, lay, (has) lain = intransitive verb (has no direct object)

lay, laid, (has) laid = transitive verb (always requires a direct object)

I suppose it's meant to keep us on our toes. But golly, if you can't trust the people who are producing curriculum, whom can you trust? Forget I said that.

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