Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What I did last Friday night

Sat and listened to this. Heaven, but then Chopin usually is. What made it even more wonderful was that it was played by our own western Canadian world-superstar Jan Lisiecki (and AHEM, whoever posted this video, Jan is CANADIAN-Polish, not the other way around. He was born and raised not five hours from where I live.)

Jan played this same Nocturne for his first (of two) encores Friday night. Just beautiful. He is so very talented and yet is still sweet and humble. He treats his audiences with the same professionalism and respect whether he is at the Royal Albert Hall (below) or in a significantly smaller venue, like Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Long may he continue to delight audiences (he is all of 18 years old).

If speed and excitement are your thing, go to this YouTube link to see him play some of the Chopin Etudes from his new Deutsche Grammophon album.

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