Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fashion for us fifty-plus folk

I'm not quite ready for this yet. 

So this Yahoo article is titled: "Are you too old for jeans?" And I had to click, because I still wear jeans. So does my dad, and he's 92: if he's not too old for jeans, no one is. I read the article so that you don't have to.
I thought it would be one of those "Do's and Don'ts" sort of things; criticizing older women on "Fashion" grounds, but it doesn't. The thesis is that older women (defined as "over 53" good Lord) find jean shopping too stressful. Really? It's not nearly as stressful as shopping for a comfortable bra!

But I would contend that (at least for me) there is a right way and wrong way to wear jeans.


I'm not comfortable with the tucked-in look. My torso is too short.

But it's not as if I pretend to be fashionable; I never know what's going on in the world of haute couture. For instance, here's an article titled "How mom jeans became sexy"--from 2015!! It turns out that mom jeans have been sexy for over two years! As usual, I'm so far out of style, I'm in again. 

But ripped jeans? Sorry, I will never understand that. Never. When I was a teenager, if you wore ripped jeans, it meant: 1) your family was too poor to buy you decent clothes; 2) your mom couldn't sew/patch clothing. 

But, as I say, I know nothing of these High Fashion matters: 

The crowns and hobo bags...must be some kind of social justice statement.

The video in the Yahoo article shows models on a catwalk in jeans that are literally shreds of denim hanging from a waistband. They call them "deconstructed jeans" --Bwahahaha! My mom would have called them "rags." Seriously, I'm gonna take fashion advice from these people?

I also read a fashion advice column not so long ago that said: "People over 50 should stop wearing graphic T-shirts."

And my answer to that is:


  1. Nice photo....of you.

  2. Another short torso here too. (Not to mention a spare tire although I guess that's now known as a muffin top.) I will never tuck a shirt in ever. I like the tunic trend for the same reason. Haven't seen the return of the Mom Jeans anywhere around here.

  3. Looking fabulous, Mrs P.
    (I'm off FB for Lent).
    Mrs Tenenblurn xo

  4. Thank you, Anonymous (re the pic). Personally, I prefer Grumpy Cat.
    Daria, I like long tunics and sweaters for the same muffins reason.
    Thank you, Mrs Teneblurn! (Ps, you can use this time off FB to start contributing to DOH--wink).

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