Friday, February 16, 2018

Hi, can I discuss with you?

That's all there was: no long sob story about being a Nigerian millionaire dying of cancer and YOU are my beneficiary, and could you send your bank account numbers--nothing like that. Not even a link to a website selling Viagra (WHY do they send such emails to "lady writer"--but I guess nowadays, you never know, do you!).

I was cleaning out my Spam folder today, and shockingly, it contained only one email. The subject heading was RE, and the entire body of the email was that one short request. The email address ended thus: (what's the fr? Not France, surely? But I guess there could be Nigerians living there too.)

Nope, none of that. Just "Hi, can I discuss with you?" It sounded so lonely and pathetic. I was almost tempted to reply. Almost.

But then again, I don't have the comedic genius of James Veitch.

Happy Friday, even if it is the first Friday in Lent.

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