Friday, February 23, 2018

Lent is off to a mortifying start

And I do not mean that in a good way. 
How can I turn it into more than just words? That is the question. 

For one thing, my head still isn't really in the game--and ye gods, it's been Lent for almost 10 days: it's a quarter gone! I was sick Ash Wednesday, so I didn't get to Mass, and I didn't get any ashes. Kind of an ominous beginning. Because of being sick, I lost almost 3 pounds (yay) but really: is Lent just a diet for vain and foolish ladies? No, and I should be ashamed for thinking of it in those terms. What's even more shameful is that I have probably eaten those 3 pounds back on again in the last 10 days, which means my fasting is not going all that well. 
We have also been extremely busy--and that's not conducive to prayerful meditation, on the whole. My husband has taken time off work, due to some overtime he banked up months ago, and it has to be 'spent' before his fiscal year ends. All well and good, so far. But it means he needs to Get Things Done (he is very orderly and linear, and well, not a lazy procrastinator), and that inevitably disrupts my daily schedule (such as it is--see Chaos, above.)

So we have been running constantly: errands, appointments, bank/investment stuff (retirement planning and whatnot); helping elderly parents (included major appliance replacement); hosting company (it's the school break, plus the Saskatchewan Winter Games); driving to watch said Winter Games; helping our kids: university stuff, part-time job, car repair; daily Mass (alas, not as often as I'd hoped or planned). I have not yet begun a new fitness adventure (which I wanted to do as much for personal discipline and fellowship, as actual --badly needed-- fitness), but I hope to get started next week. I hope. 

ANYWAY, this isn't confession (or Oprah) so I don't have to tell you everything that's not going according to plan, but suffice it to say that it's just not. And I don't want to fall into this trap: 

In my case, the gag might be a good idea. I could fast from sarcasm...

That's not what Lent is about. It's about growing closer to God, deepening your prayer life, and practicing charity in many different ways. So here's to a second start: I'm going here today: the St. Therese annual Lenten Conference. I hope I'll find a sense of renewal and maybe bring back a few good insights. See you Sunday!

But with snow. 

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