Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I am so NOT going to see this movie.

Andrew Bolt's review of Avatar pretty much sums up the respect and admiration I have for James Cameron. 

Here’s Cameron condemning consumerism by spending almost half a billion dollars on a mass-market movie for the Christmas season complete with tie-in burger deals from McDonald’s and Avatar toys from Mattel.

Here’s Cameron damning our love of technology by using the most advanced cinematographic technology to create his new green world.

In fact, here’s Cameron urging his audience to scorn material possessions and get close to nature, only to himself retire each night to the splendid comfort of his Malibu mansion.


In all of this, Avatar captures precisely - and to the point of satire - the creed of the Copenhagen faithful.


Take Prince Charles, who flew in his private RAF jet to Copenhagen to deliver a lecture on how our careless use of resources had pushed the planet “to the brink”.

And then had his pilot fly him home to his palace.
And could be there possibly be anything more mind-numbingly, skull-crushingly boring than a movie about greedy militaristic Americans exploiting tree-dwelling nature-loving Greenies? Like THAT's never been attempted before. Good grief. Didn't they make Fern Gully at least 20 years ago? Not even great computer animation can improve on that lame idea. Avatar certainly won't convert anyone to the Climate Change Church of Settled Science, but I guess that's not what Cameron ultimately wants. He's only interested in money and exploitation. Just like the villains in his film.

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