Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Obama had a Planet

Greenpeace isn't exactly thinking this one through. (Now there's a surprise!) New Greenpeace ads that show how world leaders might look in 2020, apologizing for not stopping global catastrophe?'s the rub. If there is such a thing as catastrophic climate change in the works, then perhaps the Earth will have been destroyed by 2020, and there will be no Old Obama (or Old Angela Merkel et al) on whom to lay blame. Imminent, that is, ANY DAY NOW global destruction/cataclymsic catastrophe (TM) is, after all, what the climate change-gang have been fervently promising us for, oh,  at least the last 18-20 years, no?

All I can say is...yawn. (And that I hope to the good God above that Obama will not still be in any form of public office in 2020. But some hopes are even more vain than faith in global warming. By 2020 Obama might be the Dear Leader For Life of the United Arab Emirates of America.)

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