Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"You can't just put forth some text from the sky"

Chaos at Copenhagen--gee, ya think??  This is just hilarious. Story at POLITICO. Link courtesy of SDA.

And yet, that's mostly what the climate change creed is: Divine Revelation; text from the sky--of the Chicken Little variety.
But no sooner had Rasmussen assumed the presidency than those tensions burst out in the open again, with China, India, Bolivia, South Africa and Sudan saying they would block attempts by the Danish delegation to produce a draft text favored by most Western countries.
Minutes after taking the gavel, Rasmussen angrily denounced developing countries for seeking to delay consideration of the text, accusing them of focusing on "procedure, procedure, procedure."

He was immediately rebuked by a representative of China, a member of the G-77 bloc, who said moving forward too quickly was tantamount to "obstructionism" and a bullying attempt by the West.

"I think the matter isn't ‘procedure, procedure, procedure.’... You can't just put forth some text from the sky," the representative said.

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