Thursday, December 31, 2009

They know how to push your buttons.

My friendly municipal power company wants to give me a free thermostat! Isn't that awesome? All I have to do is let them control my air conditioner during the hottest summer know, the only time I'd want to use it.

The program is explained using the complex graph on the right. The guy represents the average Ottawa citizen. His pointy hair represents his personal responsibility for managing his resources, and the upper dotted line shows where Ottawa Hydro will nip a leeetle bit of his "hair" off for his own good - so little he'll hardly notice! The lower line represents the spot where the ad had to be folded to fit in my mailbox, creating a delightful element of surprise when it is unfurled.

What, you're still not lining up to let the power company adjust the temperature in your home? I guess you'll be getting one of these, then. (Click for a closer view.)

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