Thursday, December 10, 2009

OK, let me get this straight:

Regarding "climate change." If it's really happening (of which I am not at all convinced), the choice is between doing nothing and suffering ANY DAY NOW cataclysmic global catastrophe (ie. the earth perishing in fire and water) (TM) OR living in a "globally governed" micro-regulated totalitarian dictatorship where the government monitors your food intake, the temperature of your home, how much toilet paper you use,  how often and far you drive your car (or whether you are allowed to own one at all), if, when, and how often you exercise your powers of fecundity, and (perhaps most horrible of all), requires us to read Al Gore's poems.

Cataclysm is looking pretty good. Screw Copenhagen. Bring on global warming...and not just because it's freakin' minus 30 Celcius in Saskatchewan right now.

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