Monday, October 24, 2011

Pro-abortion teachers' unions

And other incongruous delights. Mark Steyn points out some facts that Joe Biden sorta forgot to mention when he visited the fourth grade class in PA...

Since 1970, public school employment has increased 10 times faster than public school enrollment.

Five years ago (the most recent breakdown I have), the [York City] district had 440 teachers but 295 administrative and support staff. If you're thinking that sounds a little out of whack, that just shows what a dummy you are: For every three teachers we "put back in the classroom," we need to hire two bureaucrats to put back in the bureaucracy to fill in the paperwork to access the federal funds to put teachers back in the classroom. One day it will be three educrats for every two teachers, and the system will operate even more effectively.

As in so many other areas of American life, the problem is not the lack of money but the fact that so much of the money is utterly wasted.

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