Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sacred pink cows

Glad to hear I'm not the only one sick to death of the Breast Cancer Industry and all the profit-mongering and pseudo-compassion (and I really like the colour pink, at least I used to). But now I avoid buying these products just on principle. 
Before she was diagnosed, Angel bought a pair of running shoes with a small pink logo and thought it was great. Now, she thinks pink is “really gross.” 
“Esthetically, I don’t find that colour appealing. I find it candy-ish, a fake colour. I associate it with all the negative stereotypes about women — delicacy, airheadedness, superficiality. It’s not a colour I associate with strength.”  
Rosanne Cohen, executive director of Breast Cancer Action Montreal, calls breast cancer fundraising a “sacred cow.”
I'll just add one more note, which this Ottawa Citizen article (naturally) wouldn't broach. I will believe the industry really wants to "find a cure" when it stops lying to women about the connection between breast cancer and abortion and the birth control pill. All the rest is just ludicrous window-dressing. And that even includes "Pink Night" at our local Catholic church. Dress  up in pink, eat pink food and bid on pink prizes, YES; speak up against contraception (or attend a prolife meeting), not so much.

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