Monday, October 24, 2011

Why oh why

When kids say their tummy hurts, but they are hungry (and stomach flu is going around), and you tell them that they should have a piece of toast and some clear juice, but NOT to have a baloney sandwich... they have a baloney sandwich. And some cheese.

Do you know how much fun it is to hand-pick tiny pieces of baloney and cheese from carpet with a fairly deep pile? Well, it's not. I think I want a Shop-Vac for Christmas.


  1. You know you're really a veteran mom when you can read something like this, and instead of gagging, you nod in appreciation, and mentally add, "yep, that and spaghetti."

  2. This weekend I discovered baby wipes are also good for cleaning vomit off leather boots (Courtesy of your God-daughter, Mrs P).

  3. Ha Daria, I must be sleep-deprived. At first I thought you wrote, "giggling".

    Mrs. Blurn: separate hemispheres, one reality. Oh, the universality of motherhood. And vomit.