Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some advice for the Wall Street protesters

From David Warren:

This is the unanswerable argument to the Left of all ages: Instead of trying to coerce someone else to do what you think is right and just (and every Left policy I have ever seen involved coercion of the non-Left), put your money where your mouth is. Go "liberate" cash by legitimate means (within the laws), then set an example in how you spend it.
Give, until it hurts, to the most needful. And you can volunteer your free time into the bargain, for in my experience, you cannot begin to know who is most needful, until you have rolled up your pant legs and waded into action.
Give the money instead to almost any "progressive" charity, and it will never get there. This is because, quite apart from corruption (which always exists when free money is floating about), the progressive idea of charity is agitprop. That is: give us your money, and we will lobby the government on behalf of the poor destitute victims whose plight is depicted so dramatically in our pamphlets.
 But now comes the disappointment. For I am recommending a course that gives none of the rewards craved by the cavorting young ego. There is none of the euphoria of street demonstrations, none of the easy applause (and easy sex) that comes from boldly posturing as one of the "good people," fighting against the "bad people."
The rewards for doing something, where it counts, are different in kind; and they do not come easily.
I look at all the faces of the young, made up as zombies, clutching that fake dollar-store money, and strutting down Wall Street. Most, obviously, college-educated: the final products of an educational system that imparts little knowledge but a lot of self-esteem. I look at the sheer smugness in those faces, of people who have never experienced real hardship. All demanding that someone else do something.

Do read it all.

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