Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And the Gables? Fuschia.

I wonder if Kevin Sullivan had anything to do with this.

What's Gilbert going to call her now, Cornhead?


  1. Epic fail. Part of the point of AGG is that she is not attractive in a 'traditional' sense, that's she's quirky and nerdy and that it takes time to blossom and that she is never, ever a sex-pot. She's a good Victorian woman (as a reader and owner of all 8 books in the series). Furthermore, she would never have even worn a shirt like that, she was always in dresses!

  2. Is that cover for real? For really real? Epic fail indeed.

  3. Yeah, someone who never read the book was picking that photo. You might as well put a cute baby duck on the cover of "The Ugly Duckling".