Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Try to keep up

A recent Saturday evening conversation with my girls:

Mom: Let's watch a period drama.

Miss P #5: Which one?

Mom: Let's watch Sense and Sensibility.

Miss P #4: Which one?

Mom: The short one.

Miss P #3: The one with Snape and Bertie Wooster?


  1. LOL! We love seeing Snape and Bertie (and/or Stuart Little's dad) in this one too.

  2. That's my favorite! (Although I liked it before Rickman was Snape :) )

    1. That's the funny part: we owned this movie LONG before our kids ever watched a HP movie, but now Colonel Brandon is Snape! As good as this film is, however, they might have chosen someone slightly younger than Nanny McPhee to play Elinor.