Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Redneck "gun culture" and other post-modern fairy tales

Canada has been there, done that (repeatedly) with the debate over gun control. Funny how it always comes down to politicians wanting to take away shotguns from the guys in the plaid flannel shirts--hunters and farmers--when that's not really where the heart of the problem lies.

Ben Stein at American Spectator:

In any given week, on any given weekend, dozens of black youths are gunned down by other blacks in America’s cities. This is a horror show happening in real life. The total number of deaths from this ongoing disaster far outpaces the deaths in mass killings in Aurora or Newtown.

Now, in no way should either of these grim phenomena be used to minimize the other. But it amazes me that the whole country, the whole world, goes berserk about the killings in a charming town in Connecticut, as we should — while the daily slaughter of black youths by other black youths is just part of the wallpaper of modern life.


Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. And we pay very little attention to it when the people on both ends of the barrel are black.

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