Monday, February 11, 2013

"While my mind heart still breaks a bit"

I agree with Pat's feelings of sadness (and yes, even a bit of fear), but not with his conclusion. We have to trust that the Holy Father knows what he is doing, and that God is in charge. But we will miss you, Papa. Pray for us.


  1. I think about Aragorn during the appendix in The Return of the King and his rebuke to Arwen and it gives me comfort. Also, even as simple Ratzinger, Pope Benedict has always been clear sighted and he knows physical strength is as necessary as mental--if he is worried about his physical strength in the upcoming battles against cultural relativism et al. it is good and appropriate that he abdicate now before the battles go fully underway. Yes, it is saddening that he steps down instead of passes on, but better for the upcoming Pope to come in and learn the ways of the Curia et al. before coming in in the middle of a battle. (One thinks of the death of John XXIII in the midst of Vatican II; not that I think Paul VI did poorly at all, just that he came in under difficult circumstances).

  2. Good points all. It's been a momentous day. Still not sure I've really taken it in--will probably feel that way for another few weeks!