Sunday, February 24, 2013

Obligatory Oscar Post

I'm not especially crazy about Ben Affleck. I don't especially like beards. But put those two things together...

...and you have my pick for the new category of Joint Best Actor/ Supporting Actor for 2012. Ben Affleck and His Beard. They might even get their own spinoff.


  1. They get my vote. This will be the one and only time in history when I say that a 70s hairstyle and facial hair arrangement were an improvement to a man's appearance.

  2. Yeah, usually fashions from the '70s make my skin crawl with the memory of scratchy brown plaid and orange-flowered vinyl things, but Ben Affleck is just a hunk of burning fudge with this look.

    Or should that be a hunk of Cuban Lunch, in keeping with the era?