Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am now looking forward to seeing this movie.

I was afraid it was just going to be predictable, heavy-handed, politically correct claptrap (like Pocahontas).

 With seven girls in the house, you can hardly avoid the latest (or indeed any) Disney princess movie.

Steven D. Graydanus's review of The Princess and the Frog.

  There’s wishing on stars, magic and dreams coming true — but also emphasis on hard work and accomplishment, with a clear message that wishing on stars isn’t enough. There’s a handsome prince and a magical kiss, but here too it’s clear that merely hoping that someday your prince will come is inadequate as a life strategy.

There’s a villain with magical powers — but instead of Disneyfied magic, like Aladdin’s friendly genie, the film’s New Orleans voodoo is an occult world of terrifying powers and principalities in which the villain himself is at much at risk as anyone. It’s almost Disney’s most overtly Christian depiction of magic and evil at least since Sleeping Beauty, if not ever — though the waters are muddied by a benevolent, swamp-dwelling hoodoo mama in a sort of fairy-godmother role.

Moms and dads, read the whole thing. And bookmark Mr. Graydanus's site for future reference.

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