Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well this would explain...

Why my crappy Acer laptop is crapping out on me after just two years. (And it was a warranty replacement machine for an even crappier one that was fatally flawed from the beginning.)

Laptops’ average lifespan less than four years, study finds

"With an expected malfunction rate of over 23 percent, Gateway and Acer were almost as unreliable as HP, according to the study."

Remind me to by a Mac book next time.

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  1. Could they do a study factoring out the accidental breakdowns? Because it doesn't seem like it's really the manufacturer's fault if some dufus keeps pouring coffee on his keyboard.

    Still, this is good to know. I'm hoping to get a laptop one of these days and I'll certainly steer clear of these unreliable brands. I just hope that this doesn't discourage some person out there who just bought a laptop and has just got it set up and happens upon this blog her first time out surfing.