Friday, January 8, 2010

NOT subjecting your children to pointless government bureacracy equals 'endangerment'

Cuz there aren't enough pedophiles, child-killlers, child-pornographers, abortionists, drunken/negligent parents, drug dealers and other assorted child-abusers for the cops to chase after.

Kathleen Gilbert, LifeSite News.

 Richard and Margie Cressy were arrested by the Montgomery County Sheriff on child endangerment charges for not registering their children, ages 8-14, at the local district. The Cressys submitted and won official approval for their homeschool curriculum for the 2009-2010 school year, but soon after were arrested for not having done so in previous years.
I can just envision the jailhouse scene from the upcoming made-for-TV movie:

(sidles up to homeschooling dad; growls roughly): Hey man, what you in for?

(saucily pulls up collar on plaid short-sleeved dress shirt, spits tobacco juice across holding cell): None of your dang business, Buster.

(grabbing Cressy): Why you son of a %#(@*&$!

CRACK DEALER (intervening, pushes Biker away): You don't wanna mess with that guy, Snake! He's bad news. (lowers voice) He failed to register his kids with the local homeschooling authority. 

SNAKE: Holy %#(@*! Guard, get me outta here!

And anyway, I am the only one horrified by this line: "submitted and won official approval for their homeschool curriculum"? It's a sorry pass when parents have to apply to the government for 'approval' of what they teach their children.

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