Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This title caught my attention.

UK Party Leader Says Faith Schools Must Teach Homosexuality is "Normal and Harmless"

courtesy LifeSite News.

My first response: that particular UK Party Leader is totally hateful and homophobic! Homosexuality is not "normal and harmless". It is blessed and exalted! It is all in all! As Mark Shea so often insists: Tolerance is not Enough. You. MUST. Approve. 


Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg said that faith schools must not become "asylums of insular religious identity."
Ummm...I think that means that faith schools must not actually believe and teach the faith that they proclaim, lest their students (who were put there by parents who wanted them to learn in a faith-filled environment) assimilate the... In other words, Mr. Clegg wants faith schools to be no different from non-faith schools. (Unless, of course, the faith is environmentalism. Then they can be as insular and asylum-like as they please.)  

insular: (adjective) disapproving
interested only in your own country or group and not willing to accept different or foreign ideas

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  1. Tolerance seems to be a one-way street in many instances.