Monday, January 11, 2010

Ordinary Time

Back to the grind. And back to being harangued about how eco-naughty we are. My favorite of these "New Year's revolutions" are "Observe an Eco-Sabbath" and "Tithe a Fixed Percentage of Your Income". I am quite relieved that environmentalism is finally coming out as a religion because it means I can sum up my position as that of a heretic.

Please note that the internet was not the first place I saw this article. No, I first read it in the print edition of my local Pennysaver, or "Smart Shopper", as it now styles itself. You know Smart Shopper, the 16- page advertisement that is printed on paper made from trees ripped from the womb of Gaia for the holy purpose of having ads for psychic fairs, bridal shows, and a bunch of other crap you don't need or want printed on it and then being stuffed in your mailbox every week even though you didn't ask for it? Yeah, that Smart Shopper.

On an unrelated note, I see the Pennysaver/ Smart Shopper no longer carries personal ads. I fear too many people who met their spouses through the Pennysaver ended up with a wedding cake like this one: