Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hamming it Up

The Atonement Hams (see post below if this entry is more confusing than usual) are beginning to pour in! Well, okay, I have received only one, and it's not from the RCMP's Committee for Intercultural Group Hugs and Warm Fuzzies, but it looks like a beauty and should last us for a while.

Loyal reader Ted Blurn writes:

Mrs. Blurn made this one for me to atone for exposing her ankles and wearing slacks on consecutive days. Feel free to quote me. I want to be famous.

Done, Ted! Done like the Atonement Ham which accompanied your message. 

Fame will follow naturally - I have a feeling about 80% of DOH readers already know you personally.

Loyal readers, get in on the fun! Just so you know, I will also accept Bison Roasts of Reparation,  Turduckens of Satisfaction, and Sacrificial Scapegoat.


  1. Alas! We at the Pinkerton household are all out of bison roasts, but I understand that some more poor animals are on their way to the "abattoir" (what a lovely French word for a grisly reality) at this moment. The best I can offer is a crock pot full of Turducken stock. And the only one who atoned is the turducken.

  2. Did you really have a turducken?

  3. Hey thanks Mrs. B. My Twitter account My Place page and facebooking areas are going nuts. People love it that I'm hardcore about ankle exposure. I love turducken, except for the turd part.

  4. The 'ucken' doesn't sound that much better than the 'turd', to tell you the truth.

    You're welcome for the boost in readership. Many an internet celebrity has been made by its connection with our obscure, widely unread blog.