Thursday, January 6, 2011

It gives Ham of Atonement a whole new meaning.

You won't see this guy interviewed by Oprah any time soon. Or hired as a weight-loss consultant by "The Biggest Loser." Or on the NY Times bestseller list.

Because he actually knows the cause of obesity. Zac Alstin, MercatorNet. Required reading for those of us who need to drop a kilo ...or ten.

Many people over-eat in the pursuit of pleasure for its own sake. Their actions betray a disordered motive as their consumption of food meets and then exceeds the good of nourishment, becoming instead a harm to their health and life.

This error is the essence of what we used to call "gluttony" -- the inordinate or disordered desire for food. The medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas wrote that: “The vice of gluttony does not reside in the substance of the food, but in the appetite ill-regulated by reason.”

"We are consumed by the desire for pleasure in eating."

WE are consumed. Ironic, no? And it tuns out that the answer for all our diet, weight-loss and food-obsession woes are to be found in simple religious teaching. Wonders never cease.  

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