Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spanking revisited

I was so inspired by Mrs. Beazly's smackdown of Sen. Celine Hervieux-Payette and her ilk, that I decided to toss in my two bits.  (Mercator Net, "Family Edge" blog)
OK, so spanking is the root cause of violence; religion (Christianity) is the root cause of spanking, but who or what is the root cause of religion? Now the senator’s logic hits a snag. Who made up the rules of the Church? (The anti-religious senator dare not suggest they came directly from God.)

Religion was created by men, of course—power-hungry, violence-loving men! Wait, I’m confused. According to the senator, men are innately good. Who taught them to be violent and power hungry in the first place? Surely not the gentle apes from which we evolved.
Jeepers, do we really want government officials who aren't even capable of logical thought making laws or trying to tell us how to live and raise our families? Oh wait, we've been enduring that for several decades already...

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