Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heh. "Energy Saving" Treadmill

Is that an oxymoron, or just ironic? I was browsing through a Sears catalogue recently and a certain treadmill caught my eye, because there was an icon of a light bulb (incandescent, no less! naughty, naughty) advertising that the treadmill in question was ENERGY EFFICIENT (Sears' caps, not mine). It also has "recycled content in packaging", ha ha, but I digress. Apparently it costs less than $0.50 worth of electricity to run it for one hour.

I find it kind of amusing that the average treadmill owner would actually be concerned about wasting a bit of electricity when it came to such blatantly non-essential items as treadmills. (I own one, but I do think they are frivolous.) For pity's sake, go run or walk outside (it's free), if you care so much about the environment! It's also ironic that the average overweight person (sadly, I'm in that group too) would care whether or not his treadmill consumed too much energy, when we wouldn't be in our current state if we didn't consume too much ourselves. Pampered, frivolous, over-fed, environmentally-obsessive western society is funny, no? I think that many of us fatties have discovered an even better way for our treadmills to "save energy" --we rarely use them.

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