Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Mounties Always Get Their Naan

At least, they might have got some at one of several end-of-Ramadan feasts where "outreach" officers tried to suck up to Muslims because some other Muslims had been arrested at the wrong time of year. Bending over backwards must come naturally when you have no spine. Here's hoping they all spilled tabouli on their uniforms.

Why would law-abiding Muslims care when accused terrorists are arrested? We are constantly lectured on how we should not even contemplate thinking about the merest hint of the possibility that Islam and terrorism are in any way connected, so why would the RCMP think they owe other Muslims an apology for weeding out criminals from their midst? How do officers and detectives feel about their superiors apologizing for their efforts to uphold the law and protect their fellow citizens?

I'm sure it is a stressful event when your cousin, neighbor or guy who happens to belong to the same religion as you gets arrested. It might make things easier on everyone if the RCMP (after consultations with all religious groups, of course) issued a Diversity Calendar so that not only Muslims, but Christians, Jews, Hindus, Unitarians, and Grand Poobahs of the Church of What's Happenin' Now could have a convenient heads-up as to when the Mounties would be most reluctant to arrest them, and plan their illegal activities accordingly. What is the primary goal of good police work, if not caring about the feelings of the suspect and his (or her!) community?

Just to let you know, RCMP cultural diversity consultative committee, Lent will soon be here. On the off-chance that you arrest any validly baptized persons between March 9 and April 24, I expect to receive a Vermont-style Ham of Atonement along with an apology written in fancy gold ink.

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