Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For Flannery lovers everywhere.

A review of The Abbess of Andalusia.

Mrs. P chimes in: Dang, Mrs. B! You beat me to posting about this. Oh well, at least I can post a quotation from the review:
On writing itself, O’Connor was candid and amusing. For her, two daily hours spent at a manual typewriter felt like pushing a stone uphill with her nose. Regularly reading sentimental gobbledygook in Catholic magazines, or enduring interminable money-raising campaigns led by local bishops unconcerned about the more weighty spiritual realities ...did not help.


  1. Yes, I thought of you when I read that, Mrs. P.!

  2. I don't unerstand why more Catholics don't read O'Connor. Even without delving into the religious undercurrents, when her stories aren't hair-raising, they're hilarious, and often both at once. My friend releasethehounds is about as Catholic as they come, so I gave him her complete short story collection for his birthday and he hasn't even cracked it. Maybe you should talk to him- he thinks I'm evil but he might listen to you.

    Keep up the good work ladies.

  3. Tell releasethehounds to start with "The Enduring Chill".

    Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Witko, and thanks for the encouragement. It's always nice to have visitors other than the ones who get here accidentally (and probably much to their disappointment) by Googling "housewifes spanking" late at night.

  4. Yes, I could see that being an issue. Well, at least you haven't given up and sold out like a certain Canadian history magazine I could name.

  5. Indeed. Leave it to the...oh, never mind. We get enough unsavory visitors as it is.