Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vatican friendly to bloggers

Who says the Church is behind the times? LSN

The officials recognized the role of the Catholic bloggers who have worked to defend the Church. Fr. Lombardi complimented the bloggers for their help, alluding to their role in clarifying Church teaching during the controversy over remarks made by Pope Benedict on condoms in the book, Light of the World. Lombardi thanked bloggers for offering quick clarification in the case.
For the bloggers present who focus on the Church, these interventions illustrated perhaps the most important message of the evening: that the institutional Church and the Catholic blogosphere are not, in fact, in an adversarial relationship. The Vatican said, in essence, let us figure out a way to work together because we are all on the same side.
Except for the times we're not on the same side (as in, when we believe we're defending the Church or the faith against some who might be employed by the church, but who are nevertheless contradicting, misrepresenting, or dissing her teaching...) The toughest part is trying to walk the fine line between that ubiquitous "lack of charity" and the legitimate use of satire in order to make a point or highlight falsehood. When to be meek and mild, and when to get out the whip and upset the money-changers in the temple?

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