Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mrs. Pinkerton's Excellent Riverdance Adventure

Riverdance - riverdance photo
My girls surprised me earlier in the week with tickets to Riverdance for Mother's Day and I attended the matinee performance Saturday afternoon in Saskatoon. Suffice it to say that it received the DOH "VF" Seal of Approval (Very Fantastic). Having only two tickets, I could not decide which daughter to take; all seven of them wanted to attend it. In retrospect, I really wish we'd taken ALL of them to see it; they would have loved it.

But I took Mr. Pinkerton; that is to say, he did not object too vociferously. He too gave it an enthusiastic thumbs-up. In other words, he dozed off only twice. I know he watched and enjoyed some of it; he remarked later how long the legs of the female lead dancer were. We also went out for Greek ribs later, which sweetened the deal considerably and made the day a truly international event.

There must have been some other couples in our situation (wife coercing husband to attend cultural event): I noticed a 60-something farmer-type guy there, all gussied up in his jeans, plaid shirt, and large satellite-dish-like cowboy belt buckle. Didn't exactly look the type who likes Celtic music or dance. I hope he too enjoyed the lead dancer's long legs.

And there were kids there. Lots of kids. I love kids, and I even think they should come to cultural events. But the thing about Riverdance is, don't bring anyone under 4, especially if he's a boy. Consider that the cost of a ticket will buy quite a few hours of quality babysitting at the going rate, and you'll get to see the entire show.

Anyway, a good time was had by (almost) all. It was a very fantastic day. I would go see Riverdance again in a heartbeat, and take all the girls.

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