Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who knew?

That people could be so passionate about cursive handwriting? My new post at Merc went up only yesterday and it's garnered 8 comments so far (frankly, I didn't expect any). And thank you, Mrs. Schmaltz (may she rest in peace). She taught me cursive in grade 2, and a fine job she did of it.


  1. There is nothing like writing cursive with a fine fountain pen. Sheaffer has forever earned my goodwill by replacing, free of charge, the nib from a pen I received more than ten years ago. And they included four cartridges of ink! They also make Bics, which is the only pen Mr. B. will use.

    I seem to recall Mrs. Schmaltz teaching me cursive, too, when she became a substitute in later years. No doubt I can also thank her for my fine schoolteacher's hand.

    When one uses cursive, each word is a miniature work of art. And, since I am trying to become a writer, words are my art in every sense. I wonder if God implants in every writer's heart a love for the physical act of writing?

  2. Yes he must. I guess I can now safely admit that I do cursive just for the joy of it. Names, lists, birthdays, the months of the year, the days of the week, scripture verses, random phrases. Just for the beauty of it.